Fusion®, a Garmin brand, provides premium audio equipment that fully integrates with Garmin infotainment systems to enhance your on-road experience. Our determination to continually innovate has brought the integration of touchscreens to audio entertainment stereos, along with audio streaming with Wi-Fi® technology, the Airplay® 2 software feature from Apple®, PartyBus™-Network capabilities and advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology.

Multi-Zone™ Technology

Multi-Zone™ Technology

Multi-Zone Technology from Fusion offers independent control of the balance, subwoofer and volume levels in up to 4 separate audio zones. Each zone can be named to quickly identify which area needs adjusting. The zones can be adjusted individually or collectively from the stereo face or the free Fusion-Link™ wireless app. Alternatively, install Apollo™ ERX400 remote in any audio zone for hardwired local control.

Fusion-Link™ App

Wirelessly control your onboard entertainment right from your fingertips via BLUETOOTH® or Wi-Fi technologies with the free Fusion-Link app. Simply download the app from the App Store® or Google Play Store™, and connect to your stereo to enjoy audio control from your compatible Apple® or Android™ device. You can also control your onboard entertainment right from your wrist with the free Fusion-Link™ Lite app and your compatible Garmin watch. Download the app from the Connect IQ™ Store app.

DSP Technology

With the power of Fusion DSP, the sound sent to your Fusion speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers can be optimized for each zone on board, providing customized listening in any environment. Every step of the audio chain is calculated and optimized by our engineers to deliver a technically superior listening experience — without the need for you to have any technical understanding. From the kick drum to your eardrum, Fusion DSP ensures you enjoy the music at the quality the musicians intended.

Built-in Wi-Fi and Over-the-air Software Updates

Built-in Wi-Fi and Over-the-air Software Updates

Finally, enjoy the convenience and sheer quality of Wi-Fi audio streaming via universal plug-and-play on board1. Wi-Fi audio streaming provides higher quality audio with a faster data transfer rate than BLUETOOTH technology. Over-the-air software updates are available from your compatible smartphone or device via the free Fusion-Link app.

Outdoor-Ready Design

The Fusion Outdoor-Ready design philosophy stems from our collective experience confronting harsh marine and outdoor environments. With Outdoor-Ready accreditation, you can be assured that each product is engineered specifically to last the test of time in your vehicle and has been awarded with a 3-year consumer warranty.

PartyBus-Network Technology

PartyBus gives the freedom of musical choice across the entire vehicle. The power of a PartyBus-Network kicks in when you add more Apollo Series stereos to your entertainment system.

A new intuitive user experience has been introduced for the Apollo Series, so you can seamlessly navigate and control your entire vehicle’s audio network. Key features include stereo grouping, volume control, power options and home zone, allowing you to fully customize your audio entertainment experience.

Stereo grouping: Play the same synchronized audio source across grouped stereos.
Volume control: Enjoy individual or group volume control.
Power options: Turn on any Apollo Series stereo from another stereo on the PartyBus-Network.
Home zone: Enjoy easy access to control where the stereo is installed.

Head Units with Remote Displays

Head Units with Remote Displays

Garmin designs and manufactures OEM-installed head unit solutions for many of the leading global RV OEMs. Garmin head units provide audio, multimedia, RV-specific navigation and connected app and smartphone features. Our premium solutions provide passengers with access to navigation and multimedia entertainment options. Android or iOS devices can connect to the head unit over via Wi-Fi technology.

Head Units in the Back of Campers and RVs

Make sure media features are in your control, even if you’re not in the front seat. Garmin infotainment systems are not restricted to just the dashboard.

Speakers, Stereos and Amps

Dedicated to delivering a world-class audio experience, Fusion can outfit your entire RV with our very best in entertainment solutions — from the driver’s seat to the back windows and everywhere in between.


Outfit your RV with the latest in navigation and entertainment. Ask Garmin to work with your designers on implementing our intuitive technical solutions. Contact [email protected].

1Available when connected via Ethernet to a wireless network router (not included), Garmin MFD or Apollo Series stereo network enabled with Wi-Fi technology

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