Garmin Health gives you the power and flexibility to create custom solutions for your business. With incredible battery life, water resistance and one of the industry’s largest wearable portfolios, there’s a Garmin device that’s perfect for your program. Gain access to a wide array of health metrics and real-time sensor streams by using the Garmin Health API and SDKs.

Garmin is a global company that designs, manufactures and ships products worldwide. We can support your commerce and logistics needs, letting you scale your business with a single, trusted partner.

Garmin Health Solutions

Take advantage of the Garmin Health Ecosystem — develop with us or use our business solutions


Connected Ecosystem

Garmin Health offers full access to the rich data generated by Garmin wearables and provides unprecedented control over device functionality. We have the software services and developer support to help you make our wearables an integral part of your program.


Learn how Garmin devices are being used in research to measure steps, heart rate, sleep and more.

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