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Streets change. Businesses open and close.

Make sure you have the latest detailed street maps and points of interest to ensure fast, accurate navigation. Whether you have lifetime updates, need to purchase an update, or aren’t sure – get started by downloading Garmin Express.

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Free Lifetime Course Updates

Update Your Golf Course Maps

Your Approach includes free lifetime golf course updates. Use Garmin Express to update the maps and software on your device.

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Add Marine Charts and Maps

Add charts and maps to your marine device to enhance your navigation and fishing experience on the water.

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Update Marine Charts and Maps

If you have BlueChart g2, BlueChart g2 Vision, LakeVü HD or LakeVü HD Ultra maps on your marine device, a map update will ensure the most accurate navigation.

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Update Your Aviation Databases

To buy and install aviation databases, sign in to your flyGarmin account. If you don’t have one, you can create one for free.

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Add the latest maps to your Garmin outdoor GPS device

Add Outdoor Maps

Add maps to your outdoor device to guide you on your next adventure, whether it’s hiking, walking, cycling or skiing. Shop Outdoor Maps  


Add maps to your Garmin Edge

Updates for Fitness Devices

Don’t have maps yet?

Get street maps on your Edge to navigate safely and efficiently when training, touring or commuting. Or add topographic maps to your Edge for vivid detail of terrain contours and elevation information. Shop Street Maps | Shop TOPO Maps

Need to update existing maps?

We currently offer map updates for CityNavigator maps and Garmin Cycle Maps. If you’ve added City Navigator maps in DVD format to a map-compatible fitness device, you need to download the Garmin Express desktop app to update the cycle maps that came with your device.
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