ECHOMAP Plus 62cv

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Display Size?

Sonar Type?

Traditional CHIRP: Good for displaying fish arches. ClearVü: Excellent for displaying fish and structure below your boat. SideVü: Excellent for displaying fish and structure to the sides of your boat.

Includes Transducer?

Traditional CHIRP: Good for displaying fish arches. ClearVü: Excellent for displaying fish and structure below your boat. SideVü: Excellent for displaying fish and structure to the sides of your boat.

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Combination with connections

  • Bright 6-inch boot that is readable in sunlight
  • Built-in support for traditional Garmin CHIRP echo sounder as well as CHIRP ClearVü  sonar with scanning technology (sensor sold separately)
  • Pre-loaded global base map compatible with BlueChart ® g2 HD and BlueChart ® g2 Vision ® HD
  • The built-in Quickdraw Contours mapping software creates custom fishing maps directly on the screen with 1 foot contours while fishing
  • Use built-in Wi- Fi® to pair with the free ActiveCaptain  app and access OneChart  , Smart Viewer 1 , the Garmin Quickdraw  group and more.
  • Share waypoints and routes with other ECHOMAP  or STRIKER  devices

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Bright 6-inch booth supports Garmin’s crisp, clear, traditional CHIRP echo sounder and for CHIRP ClearVü echo sounder with scanning technology. Preloaded Global Base Map and BlueChart G2 HD and BlueChart g2 Vision HD Compatibility. Plus Quickdraw Contours mapping software to directly create custom fishing maps on the screen with 1 foot contours while fishing. It also has built-in Wi-Fi to pair with the free ActiveCaptain app for access to OneChart, allowing you to purchase and download new maps. ActiveCaptain also gives you access to smart visuals 1, ActiveCaptain Group for Marine and Other Interesting Places, Quickdraw Group and much more. Has a fastest release for quick release so it’s easy to take away and bring along.

The difference with Garmin CHIRP

The built-in echo sounder functions in the ECHOMAP Plus 62cv contain traditional CHIRP echo sounder, one of the most sophisticated echo sounder technologies available to the fishing and boat-intensive public. Traditional CHIRP echo sounder provides incredibly clear object separation and definition because it adds even more energy to the target than a traditional echo sounder. It also has traditional echo support for my Kota ® and MotorGuide ® troll motors with integrated sensors.

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Clear scanning sonar images

The Garmin CHIRP ClearVü echo scanner with scanning technology gives you an almost photographic picture of what’s on the boat. You clearly see structure, submerged objects and fish. Garmin’s traditional CHIRP echo sounder and CHIRP ClearVü echo sounder with scanning technology are combined in a sensor.

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Quickdraw Contours, so you can create your own maps

Create custom fishing maps quickly on the screen with 1-foot contours and tailor them to suit your needs. The maps are yours – you own them. Keep your data for yourself or share them with the Quickdraw Group on Garmin Connect  .

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Stay connected with the ActiveCaptain app

With the free ActiveCaptain All-In-One app, you have control over your marine experience, wherever you are. It creates a simple yet powerful connection between a compatible mobile device and charts, charts, maps, and the group. Use combo’s built-in Wi-Fi to pair with the free ActiveCaptain app for access to OneChart, which allows you to update or purchase and download new maps. ActiveCaptain also gives you access to smart visions¹, the ActiveCaptain group where you can get information about marine locations and other places of interest, the Quickdraw group and much more.

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Saila Last-functions

SailAssist features such as laylines, improved wind turbine and course and course over ground lines. See actual and apparent wind angle and speed as well as carrying and drifting. In order for you to get a windmatching competitive advantage, there is a pre-competition guide showing your virtual starting lineup, along with data fields showing laylines, time to burn before start and a competition timer.

Upgrade to our best charts

Select the BlueChart g2 HD or BlueChart g2 Vision HD, which provides automatic guidance 2 and other great features. A microSD  card slot provides expandable memory for purchasing more maps. Or buy maps with OneChart through the ActiveCaptain app and automatically sync with the compatible plotter, then you do not need an SD card.

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Bring your ECHOMAP Plus

When you’re out of the lake, it’s easy to store ECHOMAP Plus safely. You do not have to connect and disconnect cables from the device because the cables are connected directly to the bracket. This allows you to quickly install and disconnect ECHOMAP Plus from the power source and mount.

1 When it is paired with a compatible phone
2 Automatic guidance is intended for planning only and does not replace safe navigation.

Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.



Physical dimensions 21.8 x 13.0 x 6.2 cm (8.6 x 5.1 x 2.6 inches)
Weight 0.7 kg (1.6 lbs)
Water rating IPX7
Display type WVGA
Display size, WxH 13.7 x 7.7 cm, 15.2 cm diagonally (5.4 x 3.1 inches, 6 inches diagonally)
Display resolution, WxH 400 x 800 pixels
Power consumption 12W
Mounting options Bail or flush
NMEA 2000® compatible
Antenna Internal_or_external_over_NMEA_2000
Receiver 5 Hz
Garmin Marine Network™ ports None

Maps & Memory

Preloaded maps No
Accepts data cards 1 microSD ™ card, 32GB maximum card size
Routes 100
Track log 50,000 points; 50 saved tracks
Waypoints/favorites/locations 5,000


Transducer Pin Numbers 4
NMEA 0183 input ports 1
NMEA 0183 output ports 1
Video input ports None
Video output ports None
Wireless connectivity

Chartplotter Features

Garmin Sonar compatible
Supports AIS (tracks target ships position)
Supports DSC (displays position data from DSC-capable VHF radio)
BlueChart® Mobile (planning) compatible
Garmin Helm compatible

Sonar Features & Specifications

Dual-frequency (50/200 kHz) sonar capable
Dual-beam (77/200 kHz) sonar capable
Frequencies supported CHIRP (low, middle, high)
Traditionally: 50/77/83/200 kHz
ClearVü: 260/455/800 kHz
Transmit power 500W (RMS) / 4,000W (peak to peak)
CHIRP sonar technology Yes (Built-in)
SideVü™ No
ClearVü Yes with CHIRP (built-in)
Maximum depth 2,300 ft @ 77 kHz, freshwater
1,100 ft @ 77 kHz, salt water
(depth capacity is dependent on water bottom type and other water conditions)
Bottom lock (shows return from the bottom up)
Water temperature log and graph
Sonar recording
Sonar history rewind

Outdoor Recreation Features

Tide tables

In the box

  • ECHOMAP Plus 62cv
  • Power / data cable
  • Installation for tilting with easy opening holder
  • Reduced assembly
  • Material
  • Documentation


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ECHOMAP Plus 62cv

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