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Approach® S60

Approach® S60

Premium GPS golf watch with color touchscreen and the most sophisticated training/playing features

Premium GPS golf watch with color touchscreen and the most sophisticated training/playing features

164900 AED and Up

GPS Navigation Watch

World-class innovator Garmin has created a wide range of GPS navigation watches and activity trackers for every unique individual need. Whether you are an avid adventurer, a sports enthusiast, or a fitness buff, we have a Garmin GPS watch that can help you break records and surpass your personal best every day.

What can a Garmin GPS watch do for you?

Each Garmin watch is outfitted with our signature state-of-the-art navigation technology. Its basic user-friendly features allow users to easily track and map out their path, as well as monitor their distance, speed, and progress. You can also review and analyse data on your performance, and save and share it with your friends.

Our Garmin watch collection includes innovative timepieces that have the sophisticated technology to monitor heart rate, resist water and scratch damage, play your favourite music, and keep you in the social scene. Take a look at our vivosmart® HR+, one of the latest smartwatches in our line. It allows you to receive emails, calls, messages, and social media alerts – all in one powerful piece of technology.

The best GPS navigation for the UAE landscape

With cutting-edge personal navigation technologies, our line of smartwatches is designed to provide the best GPS navigation in Dubai and the UAE market. These smartwatches are capable of recalibrating their systems to provide the most accurate and reliable information possible. So, whether you are doing a routine jog in a park in Dubai, or you are embarking on an adventure in the golden desert of the UAE, there’s a Garmin watch that can make things a whole lot easier and enjoyable for you.

Need a smartwatch that can pinpoint the start/finish line of a race? Or show you the best path towards the campsite? View our extensive collection of GPS enabled watches and see all the innovative features you only thought possible before.

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