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dēzl™ 770LMT Truck Navigation system

dēzl™ 770 LMT, EU

All the features of dēzl™ 570LMT, plus:

  • 7.0-inch glass display
  • Bluetooth® technology for calling hands-free or pairing with a Bluetooth-enabled headset (sold separately)

7.0-inch truck GPS navigator

2,03900 AED 
dēzl™ 570LMT Truck Navigation system

dēzl™ 570 LMT, EU

  • 5.0-inch glass display
  • Detailed maps of Europe, plus free lifetime updates
  • Customized truck routing for the size and weight of your truck
  • Road warnings for bridge heights, weight limits, sharp curves, steep grades and more
  • Simple truck profile, so you can easily swap trailer sizes with the touch of a button
  • Free lifetime traffic information
  • Bluetooth® technology for hands-free calling
  • Truck & Trailer Services Directory plus points of interest highly-rated by truckers

5.0-inch truck GPS navigator

1,67900 AED 

Dezl 760 LMT, Europe with FMI 45

Advanced GPS for Trucks

  • 7.0″ high-resolution touchscreen display
  • Active Lane Guidance
  • Customized truck routing Europe
  • Lifetime map² and traffic³ updates
  • Smartphone Link compatible

Advanced GPS for Trucks with 7.0" high-resolution touchscreen display

2,15900 AED 

Dezl 560 LMT Europe

Truck-friendly navigation

  • Truck specific routing with preloaded street maps for Europe
  • Lane Assist with PhotoReal Junction View
  • Lifetime Maps and Traffic
  • Bluetooth® hands-free calling

5.0-inch truck GPS navigator

1,77000 AED 

dēzlCam LMT, GPS, EU

All the features of dēzl 770LMT, plus:

  • All-in-one 6.0 inch premium trucking navigator with built-in Dash Cam that serves as a trucker’s eyewitness
  • Automatic Incident Dectection (G-sensor) saves driving footage on impact
  • Play back footage on device or watch later on your computer
  • Magnetic mount

All-in-one 6.0-inch trucking navigator with a built-in dash cam

2,16900 AED 

dēzlCam LMT-D, GPS, EU

Our First Truck Navigator with Built-in Dash Cam

All the features of dēzl 570LMT-D, plus:

  • 6-inch glass display and built-in Dash Cam
  • Automatic Incident Dectection
  • Play back footage on device or computer
  • Magnetic mount

All-in-one 6.0-inch trucking navigator with a built-in dash cam

2,29900 AED 
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