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VIRB® Ultra 30

VIRB® Ultra 30

4K Action Camera with 3-axis Image Stabilisation and Data Overlays

  • Ultra HD 4K/30fps footage with 1.75-inch touchscreen display
  • 3-axis image stabilisation captures smooth and steady video
  • Shoot hands-free using voice control
  • Built-in sensors and GPS capture G-Metrix™ data
  • High-sensitivity microphone captures clear audio

Ultra HD action camera with G-Metrix™ captures video at 4k/30fps and features voice control

1,89900 AED 
Waterproof Case (VIRB® Ultra)

Waterproof Case (VIRB® Ultra)

VIRB Ultra is ready for action. When snapped into this rugged, submersible, waterproof (up to 40 meters)case, users can capture clear video in various environments.

25500 AED 
Rechargeable Battery (VIRB Ultra)

Rechargeable Battery (VIRB® Ultra)

Keep the adventures going by having a backup or additional battery for your compatible action camera. This rechargeable lithium-ion battery (1250 mAh) lasts up to 2 hours, 15 minutes at 1080p/30fps or up to 1 hour, 15 minutes at 4K/30fps.

11500 AED 
Lens Repair Kit (VIRB Ultra)

Lens Repair Kit (VIRB® Ultra)

Keep the adventure going. Replace your water-repellant, anti-glare compatible action camera lens and capture all of your best under water moments so you can relive every minute in full, high-contrast, undistorted detail. Includes 2 waterproof (up to 40 meters) lens, 2 lens gaskets, 8 screws and a torx tool.

16000 AED 
Life Jacket Float Mount (VIRB Ultra)

Life Jacket Float Mount (VIRB® Ultra)

Keep your compatible VIRB action camera afloat with this life jacket mount when boating or filming/photographing watersports. The waterproof case can be separated from the life jacket to view the display when needed.

18500 AED 
Cage with Protective Lens (VIRB Ultra)

Cage with Protective Lens (VIRB® Ultra)

This cage mount is the smallest and lighest way to mount your compatible action camera. It has a fast-locking clamp with wind noise reduction and comes with a protective lens cover.

18500 AED 
Prop Filter (VIRB® Ultra)

Prop Filter (VIRB® Ultra)

Reduce propeller distortion — even before you start editing. Simply place this neutral density filter lens on your action camera to smooth out propeller distortion and have a clearer view of the sky.

29900 AED 

Anti-Fog Kit (VIRB® Ultra)

Keep your action camera shooting clear images, regardless of the weather. Use this kit to reduce fogging in cold or humid weather.

8000 AED 
Prop Flter VIRB X/XE

Prop Filter (VIRB® X/XE)

Reduce propeller distortion in your video — even before you start editing. Simply place this neutral density filter lens on your VIRB X or XE action camera and share a smoother, distraction-free video with your friends. Easy on/off mounting simplifies changes between shots that may or may not feature a propellor.

23500 AED 


VIRB® XE action camera with G-Metrix™ captures rich, high definition, wide-angle footage at 1080p/60fps, 120 fps HD slow motion and 12 megapixel photos at up to 30 fps.

HD action camera with G-Metrix™ captures video at 1080p/60fps

1,89900 AED 


VIRB® X action camera with G-Metrix™ captures more action with rich, high-definition, wide-angle footage at 1080p/30fps and up to 120 fps slow motion (at 480p).

HD action camera with G-Metrix™ captures video at 1080p/30fps

1,66900 AED 

Mini USB Cable

Create routes and waypoints on your personal computer and transfer them to your device. On compatible devices, use the mini USB cable to transfer photos and music and turn your device into a portable photo album or music player. Can also provide external power for compatible devices¹.

6500 AED 

Replacement Anti-Fog Desiccant (VIRB® X...

Fog is not an issue with our desiccant. Keep your action camera shooting clear in conditions where humidity levels are high.

6500 AED 

Replacement/Repair Kit (VIRB® X/XE)

Keep your action camera rolling. Fix the front camera door on your VIRB X or XE with this kit that includes a new camera door, door latch, mounting flange, screws and tools.

16500 AED 

Charging Cable (VIRB® X/XE)

Complete 2 tasks with 1 cable using our charging cable. Connect the cable to your computer’s USB port to recharge your VIRB X or XE action camera and to transfer data to and from your computer.

11000 AED 

Lithium-polymer Battery Pack (VIRB® X/X...

Need a charge? Use this battery for extended excursions when you’re away from a power source and can’t recharge your action cameras.

12500 AED 

Aviation Audio Cable (VIRB® X/XE)

Capture aviation headset audio in stereo. This 5-foot-9-inch (1.75 meters) cable conveniently plugs in-line between the aircraft audio jack and headset, so you don’t lose access to plug-in your headset.

23500 AED 

Dog Harness, Long – virb X/XE

Mount your action camera to your dog with this lightweight, fully adjustable harness. Measurements are from the base of the dog’s neck between the shoulder blades to the base of the dog’s tail. Dogs measuring 26 inches to 36 inches (66-92 cm) should wear the long harness.

39000 AED 
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