Frequently Asked Questions About the Garmin Connect App

The Garmin Connect app allows you to review health and fitness data you have recorded on your Garmin device. You will find all your historical data there so you can compare your most recent run to your first to help measure improvements.

How Do I Begin Using the Garmin Connect App?

To use the Garmin Connect app download and install it from the Google Play or Apple App Store. See Installing the Latest Version of Garmin Connect App

Once installed, sign in to your Garmin Connect account or create one if you do not have one yet.

How Many Phones or Devices Can I Use Garmin Connect App On?

Multiple phones or tablets can be used with the same Garmin Connect account.

But Garmin devices can only be paired to one mobile device at a time, so be sure you are paired and synced prior to starting your activity so you have all the data you need.

How Do I Pair My Device to the Garmin Connect App?

For instructions on pairing your Garmin device to the Garmin Connect app click here.

How Does Sync Work in the Garmin Connect App?

A Bluetooth connection is used to automatically sync data between your Garmin devices and the Garmin Connect App.

What Information Gets Synced Between My Devices and Garmin Connect?

Health and Fitness Information including step count data, heart rate information, and sleep data.

Activity Data including any activity data like runs, bike rides, swims, or other activities you recorded with your device.

How Do I View My Data in the Garmin Connect App?

Data from the current day will display on the My Day page of the app.

To see older data:

  1. Access the menu by selecting More (bottom right).
    • Activities will have all of your activity data. Depending on the activity type this will include Total Time, Heart Rate, Elevation gain or loss, and more.
    • Health Stats will have your Sleep times, Pulse Ox, All Day Heart Rate, Stress and more.
    • Performance Stats will have your Training Status, VO2 Max, and Training Effect.

How Much of an Impact Will the Garmin Connect App Have on the Battery Life of My Phone?

While Garmin Connect App uses your phone’s location services (GPS, cellular triangulation, etc.) for providing location in the app, impact to the battery life of your phone should be the same as any other application that uses location services.