Venu® Sq 2 - Music Edition

إطار من الألومنيوم مع هيكل أسود وحزام سيليكون

رقم القطعة 010-02700-10

1217 AED

Case Size

رمز علامة الاستفهام

Represents the case size of the watch housing. Venu 2 series models have round watch cases, Venu Sq 2 models have square watch cases.

Premium Features

رمز علامة الاستفهام

Premium features include traditional round watch design, stainless steel hardware, animated on-screen workouts and floors climbed.

Voice Functionality

رمز علامة الاستفهام

Make phone calls from your wrist and interact with your smartphone\'s voice assistant when connected to a compatible smartphone.


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